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If you would like to join the project and think you can contribute something useful for a period of time, please contact the project leader, Falcon of Fury.

Core Members

Real Name Callsign Job Location Email Address ICQ# AIM MSN
Davidson Burke Falcon of Fury Project Leader USA YummyGibs
Mel Collins Mel C Website UK 13714552
Angel Vidal Kry Lead Programmer Spain 67488139 cafedetal


Real Name Callsign Job Location Email Address ICQ# AIM MSN
Joshua Day Koralt Design USA 63010503
Jason Brandt Scoundrel Design, Scripting Canada 55933093

If you believe your name is missing from this table, it might be on the Past Contributers section. Anyone who temporarily leaves the project is put on that page so that we know who is active. Anyone who has made contributions in the past that will eventually lead to the completion of the project is also put on that page, so that they can be put into the credits.

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