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7/25/2003 - I'm still Alive!

Yeah, I've disappeared for a while, but I'm back again. My computer's motherboard somehow shorted out or went bad. Could've been too much dust in there. It was like that for over a month, but instead of replacing it, I decided to just save up more and get a new computer. And that's what I'm on now, a brand new computer. I also have a strange new life schedule. You probably won't see me at all on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, but the rest of the week should be fine. Timber Dragon, if you're still there, I finally took down that document you wrote, which I should've done 2 months ago. Expect more updates in the coming weeks. Send me an email, private message on the message board, or instant message if you need to speak with me.

- Falcon of Fury

5/27/2003 - Huge Update in Project Resources

Popper has finally come through. I have recieved 30 documents created in the past pertaining to the EDF Project. I have posted all 30, yes you read that right, 30, in the "Written Documents" section of the site. Now, the documents are sorted by date of last file modification. We have a lot of information there, and I will need a few days to go over it all. I hope you all do the same. Please discuss the new documents over at our message boards.

- Falcon of Fury

5/24/2003 - New Member

We have a new member of the EDF, and his name is Scoundrel. He has skills in systems analysis and design, so he might be able to help us by building diagrams and documents of the game's inner workings. He is added to the team section, so you are free to contact him if you want.

- Falcon of Fury

5/22/2003 - Website Updates and Apology

First, there are a few updates to the EDF Team section. Greg is taking a vacation from the team, so he has been moved to a new subsection entitled, "Past Contributers" which can be seen from the EDF Team section. Also, Iceburner has been off the project for a while now, so he is also moved to Past Contributors.

I apologize for me 3 week absence from the project. I was in the process of changing jobs and had other real life concerns.

- Falcon of Fury

4/28/2003 - Seeking Developers

We are currently short on talented individuals who can help us develop the game. If you are new to the site, but would like to contribute something, please contact us.

Anyone seeking purely a programming and coding task should speak to Kry, the lead programmer.

Anyone seeking a task of any other useful skill should contact myself, the project leader, Falcon of Fury. Other skills include creating reports of possible game content, creating graphics, and creating sounds or music.

If you are new here, I urge you to read everything you can find on the website about the game's development before seeking membership and tasks. You can contact Kry, myself, or any project member on the part of the site entitled, "The EDF Team".

- Falcon of Fury

4/25/2003 - New Website Up!

Well, I finally completely updated our website, and it's on sourceforge servers now. Please take a look through all the sections to see what has been added or changed. If you see anything wrong or any broken links, please email me.

The EDF Team section only contains those people who I have been in contact with over the past month. I will be periodically adding to it as we get more people interested in becoming members. If you see your information on the members section but something is wrong, please contact me and I'll correct it.

We are in need of people who can create audio, art, graphics, and programs. If you have any of these skills, please don't be afraid to introduce yourself on the message boards.

- Falcon of Fury

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