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Here is a listing of all the informational writeups and design documents related to the game. This section is divided into two subsections. Game content refers to all game idea and concept information such as alien races, story, weapons, and equipment. Game design refers to all the code and underlying systems that are in development. They each have a short description and the date they were last modified.

Game Content

The Story So Far 5/26/2003 - This is a writeup that Koralt did a long time ago detailing some history behind the EDF universe.

Political Design 8/14/2002 - This was written by Popper, and it shows information about political borders and states of government.

The Greys 6/23/2002 - This document has some information the mysterious and powerful race of aliens known as the Greys.

FAQ Part 2 4/28/2002 - This document extends the FAQ a bit, answering more questions.

EDF Heavy Arms 3/28/2002 - This was written by TAK, and it details some heavy weapons initially used by EDF.

Miscellaneous Arms 3/28/2002 - This was written by TAK and has information about miscellanueous weapons in the game.

EDF Small Arms 3/28/2002 - This was written by TAK and details some smaller weaponry in EDF.

Clatians and Palathakaryn 1/24/2002 - Information about these two alien races is found here.

Species Task Sheet 11/7/2001 - This was written by Koralt and breaks up the tasks those working on alien info, and has some good info about aliens.

Palathakan 10/1/2001 - Palathakans are an alien terror species, and here is their information.

Brief Earth History 9/8/2001 - This document touches on wars and politics on Earth between the years roughly of 2015-2040.

Calian Weapon System 9/6/2001 - Some weapons and defensive systems for calian troops are detailed here.

Arthessian 9/2/2001 - This was written by Nathanael, and it's a very detailed guide to the Arthessian alien races.

Ayrius Celestial Dominion 7/26/2001 - This is some history about the calians and an ancient race known as the "Ancients".

Sarellians 7/24/2001 - This was written by Natanael, and it details a reptilian alien race.

Clatian History 7/16/2001 - This documents a detailed history of the Clatians.

EDF History 6/13/2001 - This document was written by Koralt, and it summarizes the history of all the alien races.

Deakun Aliens 6/4/2001 - Here is some detailed information all about the Deakun alien race, written by Fifth Horseman.

Major Technologies 5/28/2001 - This document was written by Koralt and has science fiction details of advanced alien technologies.

Kwo-Min 5/22/2001 - This document details a plantlike alien race named the Kwo-Min.

East Asian Syndicate 5/20/2001 - It is a politcal division and information about it is found here.

Old Clatian Info 5/20/2001 - Here is some older information about the Clatian aliens.

Alien Races 5/20/2001 - This document has details of a few alien races.

Cyrus Aliens 5/17/2001 - This document contains background information about the alien race known as Cyrus.

Game Design

Alisa Engine 5/26/2003 - This is a document written by Michael Wu detailing some of the interface and parts of the game.

Design Document 5/26/2003 - This was written by Koralt and it details some of the finer points within the games logic, AI, and code organization.

Technical Dictionary 5/26/2003 - This was written by Koralt to supplement his "Design Document" in order to clarify some points and define some technical terms.

IRC log 7/23/2002 - This is the log of a long IRC conversation held on the given date.

Shooting Picture 2/16/2002 - This document was written by Koralt and shows a picture of how shooting will work.

Multiplayer 5/18/2001 - This document details multiplayer modes and information.

Human Armor 4/26/2001 - This document has lots of information about how armor works in the tactical game.

Artificial Intelligence 2/28/2001 - This document discusses the way the game will handle the tactical movement of artifically controlled units during tactical combat.

Graphics Department 2/21/2001 - This is an outdated document detailing the people assigned to creating graphics, and their tasks.

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